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Hello! As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite restaurant on a (formerly) rainy Saturday. I came to my favorite restaurant for two reasons: The food is awesome, and its location has the best 5g cell service for an hour's drive in any direction. My plan (aside...

Consular Times – A Writing Update

At 11:52pm on 22 September 2021, I finished Consular Times, Book 3 of the Primogenitor Saga. I've done a quick proof of sections, and my editor still has the second half (minus the final five chapters). What this means is that the story is solid, but there are still...

16 September 2021: A Writing Update

Hello and good evening, Well...it's evening here as I write this. I realized when I hopped over here to make the post about "Skullkeep" that I hadn't posted a writing update lately. Not that I actually think anyone is reading this, but one never knows. I'm doing much...

The Fall of Skullkeep

Here's a message going out to my newsletter and via my publishing company's site today. It involves the next volume of the Histories of Drakmoor, The Fall of Skullkeep. ---------- Hello and good day to you, This is one of the "special announcement" emails I mentioned...

Day 15: 16 August 2021

Well, I do believe I've missed a few days on the writing. I will confess to a moment of indecision when I sat down to write this update. Should I count the days I have actually written? Or should I count the days as they fall on the calendar? In the end, I chose the...

Neat Discovery

There are as many way to go about writing a story--whether short story, mid-length, or novel--as there are people who want to write them. A lot of people use Word. A lot of people use Scrivener. I used to use Word when I was a Windows-only shop, but since I've...

Day 5: 6 August 2021

Today was a good writing day. Not as good of a production day, but good for writing overall.   Daily Word Count: 1,457 Monthly Word Count: 12,398 Total Words in 2021: 200,380

Day 4: 5 August 2021

Today was a Life Errands day, I'm afraid. Part of me thinks it would be perfect if I could just sit at my computer and write, but the more aware parts of me know that would not be healthy in any sense of the word. So, I run my life errands.   Daily Word Count: 0...

Day 3: 4 August 2021

Day 3: 4 August 2021 Well, I did better today than I did yesterday, but as Grimlock would say, "Not more better enough." I had to hop to a different project this evening, just to clear my head.  "What comes next" was proving a bit elusive on my primary project....

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