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Q4 Challenge Thoughts

Today (20 November 2022) is the first day of the sixth week of my Q4 Challenge. Which means that I'm thirty-five (35) days into it. Out of those thirty-five days, I've had nine (9) days where I wrote zero (0) words. Four (4) days, I've wrote less than 1,000 words. So...

19 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 35

If you've noticed the post date versus the post title, you'll see that--once again--I'm behind. At least it's only a day behind, this time. 😁 I spent the afternoon with a good friend, and it was an awesome afternoon. I'm going to be helping him with some tech work...

17 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 33

Thursday was another underwhelming day of writing. The Escape I inherited from my mom had its own car appointment yesterday, and I figured it would be easy to duplicate the thousand words from Monday and set myself up for a good word count. Yeah... not so much. Again,...

14 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 30

Hi! For the thirtieth day of the Q4 Challenge, I'd love to tell you that I outright crushed the word count. I could totally tell you that, too. Even mock up a screenshot to "show" it. But it would be a lie, and that's not me. I had a car appointment that day for the...

13 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 29

Greetings and salutations! It seems like it's been forever since I posted an update here (tongue very firmly in cheek). I just finished up writing for the day, and I have to say I'm pleased with my production. And before I get to the section where I upload a screen...

12 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 28

At some point--either during Friday afternoon or the dead-tired drive back--I realized my mistake in trying to put words down on The Shepherd after Skullkeep lit a fire in me. So, when I woke up Saturday morning (November 12th), I started (and almost finished) Chapter...

11 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 27

November 11th is Veterans' Day in the United States. My dad was an armorer (US Army) in Vietnam. I shared an office for two-and-a-half years with someone who was former 82nd Airborne during the Gulf War. A professor at the college where I used to work IT is a veteran...

10 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 26

In the previous post, I discussed how my writing method has evolved since I started publishing my stories. I also disclosed that it was on that day (or maybe the day before) that the second half of The Fall of Skullkeep finally "clicked" in my mind. November 10th...

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