12 November 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 28

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At some point–either during Friday afternoon or the dead-tired drive back–I realized my mistake in trying to put words down on The Shepherd after Skullkeep lit a fire in me.

So, when I woke up Saturday morning (November 12th), I started (and almost finished) Chapter 21. It was a cold, drizzily day, and I spent a couple hours in the afternoon chatting with the wife of one of Mom’s first cousins. It was a wonderful conversation and time very well spent.

But I didn’t get back to writing afterward.

So, starting Monday the 14th, I’m going to write my 5,500 words first thing each day, before anything else.

Allowing myself four hours to write those 5,500 words means I have to meet or exceed an average of 1,375 words per hour. If you’ve zoomed in on the screen caps from my writing log, you’ve probably noticed that I average more than 1,375 words per hour on my solid writing days.

It’s time for every day to be a solid writing day…

Daily Word Count: 2,547
Weekly Word Count: 15,999
Remaining Words to 25,000: 9,001
Challenge Word Count: 72,131


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