13 July 2022

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It has been a good day.

I paid my first bill with Starlink. That felt good. Canceling my previous internet provider felt even better.

But the best part of my day happened between 8:45pm and 10:31pm. I wrote 1,812 words on a new project. I’m not sure when I’ll publish it, but it where my mind was at the time, and I’m glad I didn’t try to force myself to write Skullkeep or Tempus. Now that I’ve put some words ‘down-page’ on this, I’ll pivot and write a chapter of Tempus

I’m hoping that I’ll have no material to share semi-soon. I’m thinking by the end of the year. I’ll be moving into my grandparents’ house that I’ll inherit from Mom, and little by little, I’ll renovate the house. And I have all kinds of plans for it. Hang on… I think I may have mentioned some of them in an earlier post.

I want to do as much of the work myself, as I can, because I love the thought of having “sweat equity” in the place, especially since I have so many fond memories of my grandparents in that house. I can remember playing in that living room floor. I can remember sitting with Grandpa as he taught me basic algebra when I was still in elementary school.

I can’t remember what thoughts about my grandparents’ house I shared before, and while I should probably go check, I’m not going to. So… fair warning on the possible duplication.

The layout of the house isn’t 100% what I need, and I’ve toyed with the idea of renovating it but, later on, building another house that is designed to my specific needs. I’ve been thinking about that, though, and the more I do, I think I will like being surrounded by all the memories too much to build another house and move out. So… I may end up just building onto the house after all.

Maybe the good mood from the really good chapter I finished this evening has me all nostalgic. I dunno. I just know that right now–right this second–I love the idea of living around all the memories in my grandparents’ house.


Enough reminiscing for now. These chapters don’t write themselves.

At least, not yet…


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