13 October 2022

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I think we can all agree it’s been a while since I posted here.

The short of it is that I was not expecting the transition from September to October to hit me like it did. Mom was born in October (as was her dad), and we were ten days into the month before I realized that I’d slipped into a funk without realizing it.

Talk about not cool…

It’s probably understandble, and I’m sure most people would forgive me. But even aware of that, I still don’t like that it happened.

So, where am I on my various projects?

Well, Dawn of the Sorcerer (Novel #11) is with my awesome go-to editor for her second pass, and once she’s finished with it, it’ll sit in my “Ready to Publish” folder until I get the first three (or so) of that series ready to publish. I’m still leaning in favor of waiting to publish that series until I’m three-ish books into Draco Investigations, but we’ll see.

I have been focused on The Fall of Skullkeep and Tempus. I’ve made progress, but not as much as I’d like (see intro above regarding the ten-ish- days). They will be the next novels I complete, but honestly, it’s neck-and-neck right now as to which I’ll finish first. Skullkeep only needs around 50,000 words to have the word count I want Drakmoor books to have, and Tempus needs 74,000-ish words.

On the surface, that might not seem so neck-and-neck, but it’s like Tempus is sitting on my shoulder shouting in my ear. Which makes it really easy to write and very difficult to write anything else. I may have to focus on Tempus just to get it to give me some peace and then circle back to Skullkeep.

We’ll see…

The last topic I wanted to discuss today is the 2022 Writing Challenge I wrote in one of my earliest posts this year. I’d have to go back and look to see what I set for myself as that challenge, but honestly, folks… I’m not going to bother. It’s pretty obvious I missed it… whatever it was.

But I have a wish to have a certain number of titles across my professional lifetime, and my performance this year simply will not cut it. Not at all.

So, it’s time to get back on the horse.

Beginning Sunday, October 16th, there are eleven (11) weeks left in the year. My goal for those weeks is to write 25,000 words each week. When I complete this challenge, I will have written 275,000 words.

That’s a good challenge for me. I haven’t done that before, and it will be a good stretch to prepare me for my longer-term goals and guiding wish.

I’m looking forward to this, and I’ll update you on my daily and weekly progress here.

I hope the day has treated (or is treating) you well.

Be safe out there.


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