17 August 2022

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Today has been a good day overall, I’d say.

I completed the “final” read-through of Dawn of the Sorcerer. After that read-through, its 91,715 words became 91,538.


I identified a handful of places where I need/want to add content to round out the story. I would not be surprised if the story meets my original goal of 96,250 words… if not exceeds it.

I am already proud of this story, and adding the content I’ve identified will only improve it.

As I work toward my goal of writing four, six, or even eight hours per day, my goal is to produce short stories, novellas, and novels. I gravitate toward the novel form, and in the past, I’ve said that I can’t write short stories. While I prefer the long form of the novel, I realized during one of Dean Wesley Smith’s online workshops that “I can’t write short stories” is self-limiting.

So I’m going to learn to write them.

The Sam Colton Mysteries came–in part–from that decision. I have a whole series of short stories in mind for a series I want to write. I honestly don’t know when I’ll write all the ideas I have for stories that I really love, but I’m hoping consistently writing for eight hours a day (through the ‘work’ week) and at least four hours a day during the weekend will help me make a dent in the “Stories I’d Love to Write” list.

We’ll see. I have to hit four hours a day with consistency first.

It’s good to have goals… right?


Alrighty, folks. I think that’s enough for today. Have fun, and be safe out there.


  1. Dumoan

    Hello! Haven’t heard from you in over a month…how are you doing Mr. Kerns?

    • Rob

      Hi, Dumoan,

      I’m doing well enough, thanks. I didn’t realize you had a question awaiting a reply before I wrote the September 30th post, or I would’ve replied. Hopefully, it answers your question about how I’m doing.

      Thanks for checking in. I really appreciate it.



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