17 October 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 2

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Good day to you.

I’m not sure if you can see the day I’m posting this, but if you can’t, I’ll be honest about it. I’m typing this at 12:17pm on Tuesday the 18th.

Yes. The 18th.

Life jumped up and demanded my attention yesterday in such a way that I only managed 633 words the whole day. I don’t realy like that, but it was a productive day over all… just not in the way I truly wanted.


That’s the beauty of a weekly challenge. Just because I only wrote 633 words yesterday doesn’t mean I’ve failed. I just need to write a little more the rest of the days this week.

And I’m already well into today’s writing. I would still be writing on Tempus instead of this post, but I realized I should probably take a break for food… since my keyboard was starting to look tasty and all.

That’s usually a sign worth respecting, you know. Metal and plastic and whatever was used to print the letters and numbers on the plastic keys should never look tasty. I’m sure you realize this, but I just thought I’d share.  😁


Here’s the numbers as of the end of Monday the 17th.

Daily Word Count: 633
Weekly Word Count: 4,534
Remaining Weekly Words: 20,466


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