2022 Writing Challenge: Day 1

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So, the Writing Log event calendar is… not working out like I hoped. I don’t know if I missed something in its configuration and setup, or if the structure and design of my site is simply incompatible with how it’s intended to be used.

I suppose it might be a caching issue, so I’ll have another look tomorrow just in case.

But as my day is winding down, I wanted to report on today’s progress toward the challenge.

I had two writing sessions today in which I put 100% new words on the page.

Session 1
7:00am – 7:25am
688 words
Averaging 1,651.2 words per hour

Session 2
10:30am – 10:53am
612 words
Averaging 1,596.52 words per hour

Daily Word Count (original words): 1,300
Total Writing Time (original words): 48 minutes

If you noticed, I put ‘original words’ in parentheses for the daily word count and total writing time. That’s because, while I only added 1,300 new, original words in The Fall of Skullkeep, I completed three chapters by re-using material I wrote last year.

If we factor those unoriginal words into the math, my daily word count is 9,669 words.

But! I only consider new, original words for my 2022 challenge. So, the next week to two weeks is going to look like I’m not meeting my challenge until I re-use or discard the pre-existing material for The Fall of Skullkeep. I also don’t count these updates or any newsletters I send out.

Alrighty, folks. I’ve been awake since around midnight to 1:00am, and contrary to anecdotal evidence, I do not enjoy waking up with QWERTY stamped into my forehead.

Be safe out there, and I hope the days treat you and yours well.


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