2022 Writing Challenge: Day 10

by | Jan 11, 2022 | 2022 Writing Challenge, Writing | 2 comments


I hope the day has treated you well.

As I’m sitting here typing this update, I’m putting almost as much effort into staying awake as I am typing, so it will probably be short and to the point. I can’t ever remember a time I felt ‘sweet,’ so no one who knows me should expect that.


I was looking forward to making a lot of progress yesterday (i.e., Monday the 10th), but it was pretty much the day from hell. By the time I had time to write, my mindscape was so dark that the writing would not have gone well. I don’t write ‘dark.’ Am I capable of it? Yes. Everyone is. But any darkness that exists in my stories is short-lived, doesn’t get a lot of ‘page time,’ and is always defeated.

Because that’s how I think things should work. But I digress…

The words didn’t come as quickly today as they did yesterday. My average words per hour was down from 1,604.32 to 1,352.5. But I met my goal of writing at least four hours on a weekday, coming in at four hours and 24 minutes.

With a grand total of 5,951 words.

I may come back in here tomorrow and add in the session stats, just for the sake of continuity… or I may not. We’ll see. I do know that–right this second–I’m too sleepy to care.

But it was important to me that I post the update.

All right. Update posted. I’m going to bed.

Be safe out there!


  1. Matthew Malkin

    I like your work. Hope you are well.

    • Rob

      Hi, Matthew,

      Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy my stories.


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