2022 Writing Challenge: Day 5

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I’m writing this update a day late, because we had a teensy bit of snow that made internet access problematic last night. I think the road crew had been through at least once already before I went to bed, and there’s a chance they went through again between 8pm and 6am, when I woke up.

I just checked the snow with a yard stick, and the line sat at 6 and 15/16ths inches, so I’d say the weather people got it right when they said my county was in the 6″ – 8″ band.

Yesterday was progress, but not as much progress as I want. Several admin tasks reared their ugly heads that distracted me from telling my story. I think time management and focus are my biggest issues, honestly.

Session One
11:15am – 11:29am
285 words
Averaging 1,221.43 words per hour

Monthly Word Count: 3,550

Session Two
11:55am – 12:14am
494 words
Averaging 1,560 words per hour

Daily Word Count: 779
Monthly Word Count: 4,044

Session Three
1:05pm – 1:43pm
1,036 words
Averaging 1,635.79 words per hour

Daily Word Count: 1,815
Monthly Word Count: 5,080

Session Four
2:09pm – 2:33pm
582 words
Averaging 1,455 words per hour

Daily Word Count: 2,397
Monthly Word Count: 5,662
Total Writing Time: 1 hour, 35 minutes
Averaging 1,513.89 words per hour

This is where the software I mentioned (in the New Year’s Update, I think) came in really handy. It would’ve automatically uploaded all that to the Google calendar, and you could just hover your mouse over each entry for the details if you wanted them.

I may look into coding for the Mac just enough to make a Writing Log equivalent for my current system. Maybe a web app and run it on a basic Linux box, here at the house. But…that all depends on the Google Calendar APIs still being available, so I should check that first if I get serious about it.

And I may have to get serious about it. If I’m successful at increasing my writing time to 6 (or even 8) hours per day, that’s a lot of typing for session stats. A quick-n-dirty piece of code could record each session and spit out a text file with that information already there, and I’d just have to copy and paste it.

Hrmm…I’ll think on it.

But! I need to start today’s writing.


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