2022 Writing Challenge: Day 6

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Today was my best writing day in a while. Once again, there were huge gaps of time that I didn’t write, but I’m making progress toward my goal of consistently writing four hours per day.

And it may be that this is the kind of thing a person has to build up to. Maybe a person just can’t decide to sit down and write for four hours. I know I can’t do it straight. I have too many responsibilities that need my attention from time to time.


With practice and discipline, I should be able to spend more time writing overall, even though I may not spend too long in individual writing sessions.

I had seven writing sessions today, and I figure I have maybe a month to six weeks of manually entering the session data before I get fed up with it and delve back into coding. The more writing sessions I have during a day, the faster I’ll hit the ‘heck with it’ mark and turn to Visual Studio.

I’m really tired. I’ve been training myself to go to sleep at 8pm with an hour-long wind-down leading up to it, and I’m writing this at 9:53pm. I said that to explain why this post may not be as well-composed as my usual. I feel like I’m kinda close to ending up with QWERTY stamped into my forehead.

So, let’s get the session data in here.

Session One
12:43pm – 12:53pm
127 words
Averaging 762 words per hour

Session Two
1:53pm – 2:10pm
388 words
Averaging 1,369.41 words per hour

Session Three
2:52pm – 3:09pm
536 words
Averaging 1,891.76 words per hour

Session Four
6:04pm – 6:26pm
369 words
Averaging 1,006.36 words per hour

Session Five
7:42pm – 8:32pm
1,274 words
Averaging 1,528.8 words per hour

Session Six
8:53pm – 8:58pm
110 words
Averaging 1,320 words per hour

Session Seven
9:02pm – 9:30pm
898 words
Averaging 1,924.29 words per hour

Daily Word Count: 3,702
Total Writing Time: 2 hours, 29 minutes
Average Words per Hour: 1,490.74

Monthly Word Count: 9,364


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