2022 Writing Challenge: Day 7

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Good evening, folks!

Well… it’s probably closer to night now. Goodness knows, I’m tired and fuzzy-headed enough that it’s probably night. As soon as I post this update, I am crashing into bed.


I have had a very good day. I woke up from an awesome night’s sleep, all snuggly warm under the covers in a cold room. Those the best sleeps for me. It was around 2 – 3 degrees (Farenheit) outside, and as I keep my window open to greater or lesser degree, my bedroom was around 55 – 58 (also Farenheit).

Today was the first day I’ve met my time goal for writing. Granted, I only exceeded it by one minute, but that still counts. So, let’s get to the data.

Session 1
1:10pm – 1:22pm
338 words
Averaging 1,690 words per hour

Session 2
1:35pm – 1:58pm
589 words
Averaging 1,536.52 words per hour

Session 3
2:03pm – 2:19pm
387 words
Averaging 1,451.25 words per hour

Session 4
2:23pm – 2:43pm
557 words
Averaging 1,671 words per hour

Session 5
4:37pm – 4:58pm
597 words
Averaging 1,705.71 words per hour

Session 6
5:02pm – 6:04pm
1,708 words
Averaging 1,652.9 words per hour

Session 7
6:30pm – 6:41pm
287 words
Averaging 1,565.45 words per hour

Session 8
6:47pm – 7:58pm
1,902 words
Averaging 1,607.32 words per hour

Session 9
8:50pm – 8:55pm
79 words
Averaging 948 words per hour

Daily Word Count: 6,444
Total Writing Time: 4 hours, 1 minute
Average Words per Hour: 1,604.32
Monthly Word Count: 15,808

The wonderful part about all this is that I feel like maintaining the average of 1,604.32 words per hour is easily doable. Now, of course, I’ll dance around that. Some days, I’ll write faster, and others, I won’t.


My goal is 1,200 words per hour, and I’ve exceeded that every day I’ve written. If I didn’t feel so mushy-brained, I would still be writing, which leads me to believe that six- and eight-hour writing days are within my reach. I just have to train myself up to them.

And folks, that’s a good belief to have.

Be safe out there.


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