22 February 2024

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I have not been as productive the past two days as I would like… at least in terms of writing.

Yesterday (Wednesday the 21st), I drove Dad to a doctor appointment. I wrote 935 words Chapter 22 of Tempus while I waited for him.

Today (Thursday the 22nd), I started the day after oversleeping quite a bit with several errands and a few appointments. I managed about half the errands, which means I’ll have to go out tomorrow, but I thoroughly enjoyed the appointments.

I am almost finished with Chapter 22, so my goal for tomorrow (or maybe Saturday) will be to finish two chapters. I want to get this story finished by March 2nd and move on to the next one.

Speaking of the next story, I’ll probably take a couple days to decide whether to finish Colfyr or start something new (i.e. Denver Devastation). Right now, I’m leaning toward finishing Colfyr, because as I stated in my last post (I think?), I don’t like having it sitting there unfinished.

I have been chatting on and off with my cousin while I wrote at this post, and it is now 10:21pm. That’s way too long for no more words than I’ve written, but I’ve enjoyed chatting with my cousin. We live on opposite ends of the country and have only seen each other a couple times.

Alrighty. I’m going to post the screenshot of my Writing Log and call it a night.

Hope the days treat you and yours well.

Stay safe out there.


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