22 October 2022 — Q4 Challenge: Day 9

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Day 8 of my Q4 Challenge was Monday, October 24th. And it also happened to be Mom’s birthday.

I had an excellent day writing. It was my single highest daily word count since I’ve started the challenge. I’ve had days with higher word counts, but not anywhere close to recently.

A couple of people who knew Monday was Mom’s birthday have reached out to me, asking how Dad and I are doing. Because apparently, the first birthday–especially one so close time-wise to the loss–can be difficult for people. I honestly think I dealt with that during the funk I slipped into the first couple weeks of October.

In between writing, I spent some time re-visiting some good memories of Mom while wishing I could share the day’s writing with her. I stopped asking her what she thought of any writing I shared with her a long time ago. She always said it was good and that she liked it.

I think she might have been a teensy bit biased in favor of the writer…

Anywho. Let’s get on with the day’s data.

Daily Word Count: 5,466
Weekly Word Count: 5,466
Words Remaining to 25,000: 19,534


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