23 July 2022

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I probably should have checked my last post to make sure I’m not duplicating anything from there in what I was planning to write today. But I didn’t, so I will offer my apologies in advance for any duplications that may appear.

I had a good day today. We had a 6.5-hour power outage due some storm activity (I’m guessing a tree came down), but the generator helped with that.

Even with that, though, I feel like today was productive in terms of writing. Here’s the screenshot for you to squint over:

Don’t worry. I’ll do what I can to save your eyes from trying to read that.

I wrote 7,049 words today across 4 hours and 6 minutes, which was an average of 1,719.27 words per hour.

I have decided that–instead of working toward a specific word count–I’ll work toward a specific amount of writing time. Which for me is four hours.

I figure if I put the time in as often as I can, the words will take care of themselves.

And it seems to be working out pretty well so far…



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