25 December 2023

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Christmas Day. If you celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas. As always, I hope the day has treated you and yours well.

I had a helluva time getting started when I woke up, and when I finally did, I didn’t feel like writing on Colfyr. I didn’t feel like writing on any of my other active projects, either, so I booted up my Windows box and gave gaming a try. But that didn’t work for me, either.

So, I went back to my MacBook, fired up a new Scrivener project and just wrote. Since I had to name the Scrivener file when I created it, I settled on “Not Sure Yet.”

I still feel like I’d be better served going back to bed, and I most likely will do so in short order… even though I’ve only been awake about eight-ish hours. I just don’t feel like I actually rested.

I have no freaking idea if I’ll use the words I wrote today, but maybe I will. I feel like there’s a lot of potential stretching out in front of them.

Daily Word Count: 2,784
Sprint to the New Year with Kris Challenge Word Count: 27,430
The Great Dean Challenge 2023 Word Count: 272,351
2023 Total Word Count: 308,051


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