25 March 2024

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A friend who uses my server contacted me to say that his site was down a few minutes ago. I didn’t see how that could be and privately thought there was some user maintenance going on. However, when I checked my site (this site) to prove him wrong… well… I didn’t prove him wrong.

Come to find out, there was a problem with Apache web server. It took me only a couple minutes to locate and correct the issue, but it should not have been an issue if I had checked my site when I rebooted it on Friday (or so).

I apologize and am sorry for anyone who wanted to visit either this site or Knightsfall Press, as they were both victims of the problem, too.

The good news is that it should not re-occur, as it was a fairly unique issue.

Hope the days treat you and yours well.

Stay safe out there.


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