Hello, and good evening.

I hope the days have been treating you well. And yes… I am horribly behind on my updates again, but unlike every other batch of updates, I wanted to write today’s post first. I have already created the others as drafts, and I’ll circle back around to them as soon as I publish this post.

Today was–overall–a good day. No. It was an awesome day.

I did something for the first time that I was initially wary about when my friend brought up the idea way, way back when. As in pre-pandemic way, way back when.

I visited my friend’s Creative Writing class at the college (now university) where I used to work in the IT department. It was interesting going back there for the first time in… well… I’m not really sure. I know I visited the campus and walked around one birthday a few years ago, but I’m not really sure when that was. 2017, maybe? 2018?

It doesn’t really matter in the long run, honestly.

Like everything else in West Virginia, there were incremental and/or minor changes–groups moving to different offices, some personnel retiring, etc.–but overall, the place hadn’t changed.

I presented a few points that are near and dear to my heart about what I do, but I mainly answered questions. Three students carried the class with questions, and I asked my friend to pass on my email address on Thursday with the offer to read up to 30 pages of their writing if they wanted an unbiased opinion.

There’s one student in particular who seemed very keen on becoming a full-time writer, and I hope the student takes me up on my offer. I’d like to do what I can to help them achieve it… as long as it’s what they really want to do.


In terms of writing, the day has not been so great. I’m coming off of something that has made for a couple yucky days and made doing much of anything a bit of a challenge.

Daily Word Count: 894
Weekly Word Count: 894
Remaining Words to 25,000: 24,106