5 January 2024

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Server Day!

I think I may have mentioned in an earlier post this week that I had some long-overdue server tasks I wanted to clear the following day. The original day I planned for it was Wednesday the 3rd.

Yeah… well… Life had other plans.

I’m typing this at 5:16pm on January 5th. A little over an hour ago, I finished most of the server tasks I wanted to clear. These tasks included upgrading my server from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, upgrading mariadb-server to the latest version, setting up some caching on my personal site, and installing VARNISH caching on my web server. After I’d posted the ‘all clear’ on the various Facebook locations, I remembered that I’d wanted to add upgrading PHP to the list as well… except I hadn’t.


I’ll handle that next week, I guess.

With the major server tasks complete, I am now turning my attention to Hyperion, the second novel of my upcoming Shared World Fantasy series Sorcerous Pursuits. I will update this post with my writing stats once I’ve finished for the day.

I’m starting this update at 12:13am on January 6th.

At 11:59pm, I stopped writing to record my progress on Hyperion thus far. When I started writing, I was just getting into the climax of the story, and when I stopped, I was most of the way through it. I still have a little bit to go, but it won’t be much of an effort to write that up tonight before I go to bed.

January 5th was an extremely good day for writing. I wish they were all this good.

Now… before I write up the stats for what is now technically yesterday, I’d like to share some math with you.

I started 2024 with the goal of writing 1,500 words every day. I have already failed on the “every day” part, as you’ll see.


This was the fifth day of January, which means the monthly word count should be at least 7,500 words when I finished writing for the day. That is, 5 days * 1,500 words per day = 7,500 words.

Right, then…

On to the stats!

Daily Word Count: 9,077
January Word Count: 10,320
2024 Word Count: 10,320


  1. rod

    do you have a release date for sorcerous pursuits?

    • Rob

      Hi, Rod,

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      The first title in Sorcerous Pursuits, Dawn of the Sorcerer, is ready to publish. I’ll publish on Knightsfall Press’s store probably next week and put it up for pre-order everywhere else at the same time. I’ll make a post here, on Knightsfall Press’s site, and send out a newsletter when I do.

      If you were part of my short-lived Patreon a few months back, the Dawn of the Sorcerer that I publish will be no different than the PDF I uploaded there. Except for the minor fact that this time, there will be audio available. 🙂

      • rod

        thanks I look forward to it!


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