6 July 2024

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I have had a good day.

I started the day writing, like I’ve done every day this week since Wednesday morning. But unlike the other days, I just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t get me wrong; I wanted to, but it just wasn’t there. At least not yet.

So, I put time into other projects. Among them, the new epic fantasy.

But as the day progressed, I realized that I didn’t like leaving it as just a world-building day. I was happy with the world-building and feel it was time well spent… but it just didn’t feel right, you know?

So, I dived back into Scrivener. I deleted those 473 words I wrote in the wee hours of my day and started fresh. I still count them as part of today’s word count, even though I didn’t keep them, because I did write them. But when I circled back around to them, I realized they weren’t the right words.

Sometime today, I crossed my target word count for Colfyr, which isn’t a big deal. I don’t write to word count. I write to a finished story… but it won’t be long now until it is indeed finished. I wrote Chapter 38 today. I’m thinking I’ll wrap it up by Chapter 45, maybe even Chapter 42.

And then, because I felt done with Colfyr today, I put 927 words into Tribunal, Sorcerous Pursuits #3. That will be my next project after I finish Colfyr.

I’m not sure when I’ll start writing the new epic fantasy. I still feel like I’m in the world-building stage. And I also need to start writing Draco Investigations before one of my best friends does unspeakable things to me. I tried starting that series yesterday, but again, the words don’t feel right. So, they’ll probably disappear for (hopefully) better words.

But for now, I think I’m going to do a little gaming. My mind is more than a little tired at this point. I am cautiously optimistic that won’t be the case, once I have an established, consistent habit of writing 4,000+ words per day. After all, the pulp writers of the 20s, 30s, and 40s managed it, day in and day out… without fail.

I hope the days treat you and yours well.

Stay safe out there.


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