Day 10: 15 July 2021

by | Jul 15, 2021 | Writing | 0 comments

Day 10…

This is starting to look more like a chronicle of how I’m not writing.

I am (I think) halfway through the business paperwork I had allowed to build up. Yes, I know…bad business owner. The nature of my personality, though, is that–whatever I start–I have to finish it. Not want to. Not would like to. I have to. I can’t concentrate on anything else until it’s finished in my mind.

I get around this (a little) with my stories, because the action or project or what-have-you is writing. So, as long as I’m putting words down, I’m working toward being ‘finished.’ Except I’ll never be finished writing, because there are always new stories.

See how the business paperwork built up? Yeah…this is teaching me that I need to adjust my mindset a little.

Daily Word Count: 0

Monthly Word Count: 23,214

Total Words in 2021: 185,361


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