Day 15: 16 August 2021

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Well, I do believe I’ve missed a few days on the writing. I will confess to a moment of indecision when I sat down to write this update. Should I count the days I have actually written? Or should I count the days as they fall on the calendar? In the end, I chose the ‘calendar’ method.

I have decided to work on two projects simultaneously, and I feel that is the best course overall for the immediate future, given my current commitments, both personal and professional. I think I’ll enjoy returning to the ‘one project at a time’ method as soon as September ends.

My major downfall is–as it has always been–spending enough time sitting at my keyboard. I wrote for a total of four hours and twenty-eight minutes today, producing 6,368 words of new fiction. That is a record for this month–both in time and word count–and I want to break that record tomorrow. My goal is that writing for eight hours each business day will be my normal routine.

The only way I will achieve that is through discipline.

It is important that we all accurately assess our weakness and strengths. Unless we can do that–and do so without disparaging ourselves or berating ourselves–I cannot help but think it would be impossible to construct an improvement plan that holds any chance of success.

Eight hours of writing each ‘business’ day. That’s my goal.


Daily Word Count: 6,368

Time Spent Writing: 4:28 (hh:mm)

Monthly Word Count: 19,950

Total Words in 2021: 207,932


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