Day 3: 8 July 2021

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Writing | 0 comments

Day 3 of my push toward 1.5 million words of new fiction is coming to a close, and yes, it was a productive day. A good day, even. But I’m still not hitting the daily word count I need to meet my goal.

That is 100% a time management problem.

If I were to copy/paste my writing log for today, you’d see that I have a six-hour block between 1am and 7am where I could’ve written…and didn’t. In fact, if I had maintained my average words per hour (WPH) for those six hours, I could’ve easily hit 10,000 words today.

Time management and discipline. That’s what meeting this goal requries. Well…those two things, plus making up July’s word shortage later in the year.  😁

Daily Word Count: 3,553

Monthly Word Count: 11,247

Total Words for 2021: 173,394


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