Day 5: 10 July 2021

by | Jul 10, 2021 | Writing | 0 comments

Here, we are…Day 5 of my journey toward 1.5 million words of new fiction by the end of the year. And it was a good day.

6,821 words. That’s a record for July. I doubt I’ll set a new record tomorrow, but I hope I’ll do so Monday the 12th.

It felt good to get these words down today. It felt very good. If I can hit and maintain a minimum average of 8,500 words per day, that will push me past my goal by sixty-four thousand (64,000) words. If I train myself to write for eight hours, and not pay attention to word count, I could possibly hit as high as 12,000 words a day.

That would be really awesome, but I still have a little ways to go. I only wrote four hours and twenty-two minutes today. Ah, well…we always have room for improvement.

Daily Word Count: 6,821

Monthly Word Count: 19,070

Total Words for 2021: 181,217 


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