Day 6: 11 July 2021

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When I wrote that I wanted to set a new monthly record today, I wasn’t processing that ‘today’ is Sunday. Sundays are never a prime writing day for me; there is simply too much going on. Plus, it’s good to have that one day with reduced–if not zero–pressure where a person can just relax and spend the day however s/he chooses.

All that being said, writing isn’t ‘work’ for me. It’s fun. Sometimes, I do get a little caught up in picking the right word for the idea I want to convey, but most times, I write like I’d tell the story with my voice if I were sitting around a campfire somewhere. Come to think of it, I’m honestly not sure I could compose that well on the fly while verbally telling the story–at least not right away. I’m thinking that might take some practice.

But I digress…

Despite today being a low-pressure, rest day, I still made progress. I wrote 3,409 words today, which was a whole chapter in one project and finishing a chapter in The Fall of Skullkeep. I’m finally getting back to the headspace where I want to write. I imagine that “Skullkeep” will fall together fairly quickly now, given that.

As soon as “Skullkeep” goes off to the editor(s), it’ll be time to devote my full attenion to Consular Times, and that will be all kinds of fun.

Daily Word Count: 3,409

Monthly Word Count: 22,479

Total Words in 2021: 184,626


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