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As I write this, I am sitting in my favorite restaurant on a (formerly) rainy Saturday.

I came to my favorite restaurant for two reasons:

  1. The food is awesome,
  2. and its location has the best 5g cell service for an hour’s drive in any direction.

My plan (aside from the excellent food) was to attempt porting the Knightsfall Press site over to a new Linux web server utilizing HTTP/2 and PHP 8. A friend’s site that I also host on my server did not make the transition well, but since that enterprise is kind of inactive at the moment, the ‘not transitioning well’ isn’t as horrible as it might have been.

Beyond that, in researching some options for another side project, I discovered some information that has led me to te decision to move all of my server assets off Amazon AWS… in favor of Microsoft Azure. My reasons for this are myriad, including but not limited to better pricing and better performance.

I may do a write-up separating out my reasons and explaining them (with references), but my order just arrived.

Hope the days are treating you well!


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