A Productive Day… Just Not in Words

by | May 25, 2021 | Writing | 0 comments

I’m winding down for the day, and I wanted to start the habit of an end-of-day post to share my writing progress.

Sadly, today’s progress is not what I would’ve liked. I wrote 3,217 words of new fiction, which brought my monthly total to 86,682 words and my average daily word count to 3,467.28.

I know. How do you have 28% of a word? That’s just how the math works out, folks…but if you do find 28% of a word lying around somewhere, snap a picture of it. You never know when you might need photographic evidence.  😜

Despite my lack of words, it was a productive day overall. I wrote 1,219 words while I waited for the excellent crew at my preferred Service Department to change the oil, rotate the tires, and do a multipoint inspection on my trusty steed (a Ford Taurus).

I also took my first Sci-Fi series, Cole & Srexx, wide today. For any of you who don’t know, ‘wide’ in this usage means that I’ve published the ebook format across as many vendors as I feel like chasing or am willing to trust or am willing to use their website. There are a couple sites out there with dev teams stuck in the 90s, I think, and they are simply too clunky to use. I’d like to use them, but my commitment to publishing my fiction everywhere simply is insufficient to overcome the horrid site design of those two places.

As I write this, at least the first two books of Cole & Srexx should be live across four of the Big Five. The Big Five being Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, & Kobo. I’m confident that I’m missing Apple Books at the moment, because I use a distributor to reach them…and there can be a day or two between when I publish a book on the distributor versus when I can find it in the search inside Apple Books.

I’ll give it a couple days to filter through all the servers and then dig into updating the site links on each of the book’s pages on Knightsfall Press.

I think that’s most of the noteworthy accomplishments of the day. And if it isn’t, we’ll act like it is.

I hope the days have been treating you and yours well and offer my best wishes for the future.



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