Here’s a message going out to my newsletter and via my publishing company’s site today. It involves the next volume of the Histories of Drakmoor, The Fall of Skullkeep.


Hello and good day to you,

This is one of the “special announcement” emails I mentioned in the onboarding sequence when you first signed up for my newsletter. Additionally, you’re receiving this because you signed up for my newsletter in the back of one of my books (Histories of Drakmoor, et al), the publishing company site ( or, or my personal site ( You are welcome to unsubscribe at any time, but I’ll be sorry to see you go.

I’m writing to discuss the two projects that I have right now: The Fall of Skullkeep and Consular Times.

In my previous newsletter, I mentioned that I spent the last half of July and some of August unable to do such simple things as sit in a chair, due to a chronic issue with my back.

I appreciate all the kind words, well wishes, and thoughtful treatments that flashed into my mailbox in short order, and thank you for them.

Unfortunately, between my own challenges and helping family with their own challenges, I am sufficiently behind on these two projects that it is unlikely I can complete both of them by September 28th.

You don’t know how much I regret that, but I can’t honestly apologize for it, because… well… my family will always be first in my mind. They are why I am the person I am, and it seems poor repayment not to help them when they’ve helped me as much as they have.

For this reason, I will be canceling the pre-order of The Fall of Skullkeep on Friday the 17th of September. I’m waiting that long, mainly to give this message the chance to reach as many people as possible.

But fear not!

“Skullkeep” is not disappearing into oblivion. As soon as I finish Consular Times, I will double-down on The Fall of Skullkeep and publish it as soon as humanly possible. I want to say October, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t see a reason why I couldn’t publish it in October, but Life is what happens while we’re busy making plans.

I thank you for enjoying my stories as much as I do, and I wish you and yours all the best.

Stay safe out there.